Monday, January 16, 2012

Living Room Progress

We finally unpacked the last of the boxes in our living room yesterday. We were waiting to unpack the books until we bought an entertainment center so we could figure out where the bookshelves should go. I wanted a cabinet with doors so that I can close them, out of sight out of mind.
I have seen many people decorate with their books but we have too many books for this amount of space for me to do that. I tried putting the darker color books to the middle of the shelves and moving outwards to the lighter, and I am actually happy with the way it turned out.

I simply love my fireplace. It is completely fake and there isn't any space to even put something that plugs in, but it adds so much personality to the room. I am planning on putting up some family pictures (after we take them) above the fireplace but for now I covered an old canvas with some leftover fabric (I recovered my rocking chair with the same fabric). You can't see in the pictures but the fabric has beautiful texture. The flowers and vases are from Ikea.

The big turquoise pillow I found in the as is section at Ikea and sewed the cover with leftover upholstery fabric from covering my dinning room chairs.

I will go into the details about the dinning room in another post, I am still trying to figure out that room. Once I decide what to do with the space behind the couch I will show you that as well. For now I just dumped a bunch of the kids toys over there. All in all I am really happy with how things are looking. It is starting to feel like a real home. I just need to put up pictures and properly set up my office and do like a million other things that I won't think about right now. I just need to keep telling myself one day at a time.

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