Monday, January 2, 2012

I know that I haven't blogged in a while but we MOVED!!!

And thank G-d for that, things were getting unbearable in our old apartment. We had a neighbor who smoked marijuana constantly (and probably took many other things as well) and played video games with the sound really loud and he would shout and scream very often. To top it off the manager and owners of the building started to be really nasty to us once we decided we wanted to move and they accused of of stealing their refrigerator when the refrigerator was in fact ours, we asked them to take theirs out when we moved in. The proof the owner gave me that we stole it "it looks exactly like the one that used to be here." Fortunately they dropped it after we told them we had proof that we bought our refrigerator.
Now thank G-d we are in a much better apartment (it really feels like a home and not a tiny little box identical to half the city's inhabitants) with a proper management company and I am so grateful for all the little things. Every few minutes I turn around and find something about my new home that makes me happy. Here are a few, we have windows in our kitchen, real sunlight makes such a huge difference! I can open all the windows in my living and dinning room and I don't feel like I am on display for all my neighbors because they are not walking to their home just inches away from my windows. We have a fake fireplace that adds so much charm (I will take pictures once all the boxes are out of the room). We have an actual hallway, and the last thing I would like to tell you about is also one of the most exciting for me... We have a dishwasher!!! (this is my fist time having a dishwasher since I got married)

On a completely separate note I just got my new (refurbished) camera in, they couldn't fix my old one (thank G-d for warranties) so I will be able to start posting more normally again and with better photos.

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  1. Looks like the new year is off to a good start for you. I am so glad you are organized enough to beable to show reciept for your refrigerator. Unfortunatly the task for proof is on us. Thank you for your use of G-d I appreciate that.