Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dining Room Progress

Both the china cabinet and my table and chairs I bought on Craigslist, at different times from different people. The table and chairs I bought when we were still living in our old place. The chairs had off white seats and there was no cushion in them. I bought fabric, foam and batting to recover them from Michael Levine in the Fashion District. I found the Fabric in the clearance section for $3 a yard! I love the color combination of the wood with deep teal fabric. I don't think the table was ever sealed properly after the wood was stained, because when ever I clean the table it looks like some of the stain comes off. One time when we had company over I had a table cloth on the table and I think someone spilled something on the table, because when I took the table cloth off there was that big mark on the table that's a lot lighter then the rest. I would like to refinish the table but I don't have the space to, so someday when we move into a house and I have outside space I will refinish it. Until then I will just have to make do. Whenever we have guests I anyways use a table cloth so I'm o.k. with that.

Here is a night time shot. I would also like to eventually refinish the china cabinet but for now I am happy just to have one. Off to the side you can see an extra shelf that I took out because our Menorah and candle sticks were too tall. I don't want to throw it out because I would like to cut them down so that I can have the second shelf on the sides.
I am going to buy a garbage can that will fit inside one of my cabinets because there is no space for a garbage can in the kitchen and it does not belong in the dining room. The space also feels like it needs some more color. I need to figure out how to bring more color to my dining room. Any ideas?

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