Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wig Salon Update

I'm in the process of getting my wig salon set up. I wanted to a have a display of wigs along one wall and I had these floating wall shelves from our old place that I wanted to put up all together to use for my display.

The top shelf I bought at goodwill for $8 and the other 2 were curbside finds. I wanted the shelves to be very bright pink and I was so excited when I found a hot pink spray paint. I used thin and even coats of it but it wasn't covering the shelves very well, even the white shelf wasn't getting covered properly.

I admitted defeat and headed back to the store to buy another bottle, this time I bought Krylon in Raspberry. Now I know even if the other company has really cool looking colors, that I should just stick with Krylon, it always works. I'm actually really happy with the way they turned out, the hot pink would have clashed with the room and the raspberry color fits just perfect.



I know that my posting is kinda all over the place, but I'm just posting about the little things that I fix up as I go along. Now I need to go and organize the salon before my next customer gets here.

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